McCain Loses Election; Vows Revenge

Despite his conciliatory speech, Arizona senator John McCain became secretly enraged over his landslide loss to Illinois senator Barack Obama and confided in friends that he would “take him down”

“I can’t stand that colored liberal bastard”, McCain confided in a friend who asked to remain anonymous. “I’m going to take him down, chew him up and spit him on the sidewalk!”
McCain explained to his friend that we are not ready for an African American president and Obama’s election would only serve to further destroy the country and will turn America into a third world nation.

McCain suggested several ways of bringing Obama down such as spiking his beverage with a poisonous substance, dropping an anvil from a helicopter or placing a banana peel in his tracks as he descends the winding Capitol staircase.

“We have to make it look like an accident”, McCain allegedly told his wife.

McCain’s wife expressed disapproval with her husbands idea. “Just shut the f**k up loser”, she was heard telling him.

His daughter Meghan also disapproved of the idea of harming Obama simply stating “Don’t hurt him! I voted for him!”