McCain Makes Surprise Bid For Ontario Voters

Unconfirmed sources are reporting that Republican Presidential candidate John McCain has made a surprise bid for voters in the Canadian Province of Ontario. John McCain and running mate Alaska Governor Sarah went over the border late last night and begin a barn storming tour of the most populous Canadian province and a huge electoral prize.

John McCain is really showing his maverick streak today as he opens a Northern Front in the American Presidential election. The move seems to be well choreographed with dozens of field offices opening all at once. Billboards and yards signs have also bloomed across the Province surprising Ontario residents who had just finished an election for the Canadian Government.

The exact electoral math is still under debate, but if McCain can take Ontario it would be worth between 40 and 45 electoral votes. It’s inclusion in the total would boost the number needed to 290 electoral votes, rather the 270 needed now, but would open many possibilities for the embattled McCain.

Sarah Palin, being from parts northern, is expected to have tremendous appeal to the Canadian voters and could well make the difference for the Republicans in the Province.

The Obama campaign is playing catch-up today and is expected to announce it’s own plans for the Canadian province in the coming days. It is unclear whether they will be able to effectively counter this surprise move by the McCain campaign.