McCain : New Orleans Response 'Disgraceful' : Promises Withdraw

(NEW ORLEANS -Ninth Ward) Senator John McCain took direct aim at George W. Bush today as he stood in the lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, the area hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

McCain declared that “never again will a disaster of this nature be handled in the terrible and disgraceful way, The president should be ashamed.” The Arizona Senator then promised “An organized but speedy withdraw” from the Ninth Ward if elected.

Mr. McCain, who was on the fourth day of a tour of America’s “Major Screw-ups” to prove that he can be critical of the Bush administration, ticked off a long list of mistakes: “There were unqualified people like George Bush in charge , there was a total misreading of the dimensions of the disaster by the President and there was a failure of communications.”

Asked at an outdoor news conference if he traced the failure of leadership straight to the top, Mr. McCain said, emphatically, “yes,” McCain went on to blast the Senate Republicans for blocking legislation that would have set benchmarks for the reconstruction efforts in New Orleans.