McCain Refuses to Discuss Obama Debates without preconditions

(BATON ROUGE) Ucs News– John McCain challenged Barack Obama to face him in 10 town hall meetings with voters in the coming months. Staying true to his tough negotiating style the Arizona Senator has demanded a series of preconditions from the Obama campaign. McCain stated that “For the debates to happen Obama will have to play by my rules.”

McCain has often criticized Obama for saying in a debate last year that he would meet leaders of Iran and other U.S. foes without preconditions. The Arizona senator argues Obama is naive and inexperienced to think that such a meeting would yield progress. “I’m going to prove my Presidential skills by forcing Obama to the negotiating table.” Said the Arizona Senator

“It’s hard to see what such a debate with Barack Obama would actually gain, except an earful of progressive rants, and a worldwide audience for a man who denies we are winning the war in Iraq.” McCain told the crowd gathered in Baton Rouge.

In his speech, McCain called for measures aimed at increasing pressure on Barack Obama, such as severely limiting or denying travel visas and freezing assets of the Illinois Senators campaign. “I have not ruled out the use of force.” said McCain.