McCain Selects Bigfoot to be Running Mate In Surprise Move

(California) In a surprise move John McCain announced his Vice-presidential running mate at the Saddleback Church today. While on the podium with rival Barack Obama McCain announced that Bigfoot would be his running mate. Bigfoot then joined the two men onstage for a rousing round of applause and adulation.

“John McCain has done it again,” says NPR political analyst Ken Rudin. “He has managed to totally out flank his rival Barak Obama. During what was supposed to be an intense period of Obama watching before Obama announced his own VP, McCain has shoved him aside with this announcement. This was truly a masterful time to announce his VP selection.”

While the timing of the selection was certainly a master stroke, some experts are wondering if the selection itself was as masterful, politically speaking, as Bigfoot is a bit of an unknown.

“I figure Bigfoot has a several strong positives and just a few weaker negatives.” says has Republican operative Sasha Quatch, of the American Institute, a Republican think-tank. “He is a strong vital character, which any VP of John McCain must be, he is also a political outsider which should help McCain with voters suspicious of his long ‘inside the beltway’ career. The only negatives are that he is a bit on an unknown and his speaking style is a bit gruff to be a great communicator in the television age. But I have to say that On the whole I think he is a solid choice.”

Will the selection of Bigfoot as a running mate be enough to beat Barak Obama? Who knows, but as far as this week goes McCain and Bigfoot have certainly stolen the show.