McCain Supporter admits Super Tuesday Mistake

(Ladera Ranch : California) Ucs News, Registered Republican voter Raymond Sims admitted today that he made a terrible mistake. “I don’t know what came over me, I guess it was Super Duper Tuesday fever, you know you see the messages to get out the vote, you feel the spirit, then it all goes wrong.” Stated Sims.

Raymond admits he got swept up in the moment. “I was standing in my polling place considering the options. The red,white and blue flags, doing my patriotic civic duty. I could just feel the buzz in the air.”

Sims then entered the voting booth and voted for John McCain. “I don’t know what came over me, I guess I just forgot that John McCain supports the Iraq war and has vowed to continue the conflict indefinitely.” The sheepish, Sims realized his mistake just seconds after he left the polling location.

“I was walking through the park when it hit me. Damit!” According to the self described life long Orange County Republican, “It’s so easy to forget that 5000 lives and a trillion dollars have been wasted, I was just enjoying the benefits of the Bush tax cuts and watching my Exxon/Mobile dividends pileup.”

Mia Sims, Raymond’s wife of 14 years, has tried to console her husband. “I have never seen poor Ray in a state like this, he’s sad, confused and very concerned that Barack Obama will slaughter McCain in the general election.”

Poor Raymond has the right to be concerned, with the economy stumbling, home values sagging and the war ragging, the once “Maverick” John McCain looks more like part of the problem rather than the solution.