McCain Surging ahead in "Real America" 55 to 40

(Harrisburg , Real America) Ucs News– In a stunning turn around Arizona Senator John McCain has surged ahead of Barack Obama. A new poll of “Real America” projects a near certain win for McCain. The poll of over 4500 likely voters shows a 15 point lead for McCain, 55 to 40.

McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has credited for “changing the electoral map.” According to Republican strategist Ralph Reed, “By cutting out New York, California and Pennsylvania Governor Palin has made the election swing in McCains favor. Simply brilliant! a real game changer.”

While the McCain campaigns enjoys a significant lead in the “Real America” , Illinois Senator Barrack Obama still leads in the “old America”. Obama strategist David Axelrod stated ” no doubt we are concerned with the polling results in Real America buy last I checked the election is decided by the winner of the old America.”