McCain Tumbles : Presidential Campaign Fires Arizona Senator

WASHINGTON (Ucs News) – Sen. John McCain’s embattled presidential campaign took another hit Monday when the Arizona Senator was relieved by senior staffers. According to staffer Brian Jones the Senator “Has become a major liability” and “The campaign will be in a better position going forward without him.”

The decision by Brian Jones, Danny Diaz, Matt David and research director Brian Rogers to sack McCain was not unexpected, but was yet another sign the Arizona senator is out of touch with both Republican and Democratic voters.

“It has been my sincere honor and privilege to serve Senator John McCain,” Diaz wrote in his departure email. “Best of luck to each and every one of you in the days and weeks ahead.”

The firing Senator McCain come less than one week after several senior staffers including Campaign Manager Terry Nelson and Chief Strategist John Weaver stepped down when the campaign sought to restructure the operation.

Moving forward, the Campaigns New Hampshire spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker will head the press shop, while longtime confidante Rick Davis will lead the search for a more “electable” mainstream candidate.