McCain's Palin Problems : VP and abstinence counselor : Levi Johnston Score! : Unconfirmed Wisdom…

John McCain : Trending Down
Political career ending just like his flying career…
in a huge fire ball
Unconfimed advice:
Eject before impact

George W. Bush : Trending Down
Popular and successful President?
So why can’t John McCain be seen with you.
Unconfirmed advice:
Bring the troops home?

Sarah Palin : Trending Down
Certified abstinence counselor?
Can’t handle a sex starved 17 year old daughter
How could she lead our country?
Unconfimed advice:
Spend more time with your kids

Bristol Palin : Trending Up

Proof that abstinence training can work for 17 years.
Unconfimed advice:
Don’t marry Levi just because he didn’t use a condom

Levi Johnston : Trending Up
Nailing the Governors daughter : Nice
Rocking out with John McCain’s crew : Even better
Unconfimed advice:
Sell screen play to HAROLD AND KUMAR