McClellan Taken into Custody by CIA

Fairfax, VA (Rotters) – Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan was taken into custody early this evening by FBI agents. He appeared before a Fairfax, VA judge to enter a plea against charges of treason issued late today by the White House. McClellan had earlier in the day released a passage from his upcoming book in which he accuses both the vice president and president of complicity in the cover-up of the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

The White House issued a statement that McClellan was being held on a number of concerns over issues of national security, and that his tell all book What Happened would be barred from publication on Monday. “The president has said on a number of occasions that the Valerie Plame ‘incident’ is over,” stated current press secretary Dana Perino. “This should serve as a warning to anyone wishing to make slanderous claims for political or individual gain.”

“It’s all a misunderstanding,” shouted McClellan to reporters as he was being led away from the courthouse. “Read my book! You’ll see! It was just a teaser!”

Lawyers for former Ambassador Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame have stated that they will be issuing subpoenas for McClellan in their upcoming lawsuit against the vice president and would be looking into it including President Bush in the lawsuit.

An FBI spokesperson stated that McClellan would be turned over to the CIA and that their investigation would take precedence over any other legal concerns for the time being.