Media trying Desperately to Avoid Ron Paul

The entire news media has been involved in a not-so-secret campaign to avoid Presidential candidate Ron Paul, according to sources.

Despite Paul coming in a strong second place in the Iowa straw polls (and may have made first if the missing ballots had been accounted for) and making more money than the other candidates, news reporters have been giving the nod to Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and anyone else. They even give more press to Newt Gingrich.

“The problem is”, said CNN reporter Dan Rivers, “is that Paul is too logical. He wasn’t called to run by Jesus, he’s too intelligent and actually believes in that silly U.S. Constitution instead of the Bible! What kind of person would vote for him?”

Paul also has ideas on how to balance the budget, eliminate the war on drugs, stop the wars and restore the dignity of the United States in the eyes of the world, issues other republicans oppose.

“You can’t balance the budget without taxing the rich!” said candidate Newt Gingrich. “And if you tax the rich they will have less money and…and…they won’t have as much to invest. Or something”.

I would say more about Ron Paul but I am a member of the media and I have said too much already!”