Meg Whitman Unable to Achieve Orgasm

Former Ebay Chief Executive Officer, billionaire and California gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman candidly admitted to the media today that she has been unable to achieve orgasm since the beginning of her political campaign.

“I’ve tried everything to get off”, Whitman, 54, stated. “I’ve had men streaming in and out of here, I’ve tried vibrators, dildos, lotions but nothing seems to help”.

Whitman admitted that the stress of running for California governor has been a big factor in her inability to achieve climax.

“I’ve been so preoccupied with so many things! she lamented. “The mortgage crisis, immigration, stifling same-sex marriages, opposing abortion for teens, imprisoning marijuana users. Now that the campaign is in full gear I literally do not have any ME time!”

Whitman said she had been having orgasms at least once a day, sometimes twice, while she was CEO of Ebay, Inc.

“I used to be able to have them sitting at my desk!” she boasted.

Whitman insists that when she is elected governor she will be able to relax and enjoy her orgasms again.

“I can hardly wait for this election to be over!” she confided.