Mel Gibson Attacks More Ethnic Groups

A drunken Mel Gibson went on a tirade at a restaurant this afternoon and verbally berated and insulted nearly every ethnic group on Earth.

Witnesses say Gibson was enjoying a leisurely lunch alone at Chez Mois in Downtown Los Angeles when, after 5 Margaritas, he suddenly berated the waitress for being a “kraut, frog, lesbian”, meaning she was of German and French heritage and enjoyed sleeping with women.

After his 6th Margarita, Gibson looked out the window down at the crowd below and yelled out, “you’re all a bunch of fricking Spics, Polacks, Ruskies, Guineas, Dykes, Negroes, Kikes, Japs, Chinks, Hebes, towel heads, Limeys, Mics, commies, fascists, old fogey, left handed, Bible, Torah, Sutra, Scripture and Quran thumping crackpots!”

The terms Gibson used indicated his dislike for people of many different nationalities, ages, sexual preferences, hand orientation and religions.

Restaurant personnel were able to restrain Gibson until police arrived moments later

Oksana Grigorieva, Gibson’s current girlfriend who has recently filed a restraining order against him, insists Gibson is not the least bit racist. “It’s not racism when you hate everyone!” the Russian beauty declared.

Gibson will have to stand before a judge whom he describes as a “half Limey, Half Kraut dick smoker”.