Mel Gibson Expelled from Iranian Anti-Holocaust Conference, Briefly Detained by Ahmadinejad

Tehran, Iran (APE) – Australian actor/director Mel Gibson was briefly detained and then expelled yesterday after an outburst at Iran’s controversial international anti-Holocaust conference. Gibson had been welcomed to the conference by the country’s anti-Israeli President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and was considered a prized contributor along with former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. Gibson was observed to be polite and respectful throughout the conference, appearing with Ahmadinejad and others, but when it came time for his presentation, he began railing against those present, insisting that they were all willfully delusional, and that the Holocaust had indeed occurred. At that point, a fistfight broke out between Gibson and an enraged Duke, and both were quickly separated and removed from the center stage.

Gibson became engulfed in controversy surrounding a DUI arrest earlier this year, during which, in a drunken rage, he hurled anti-Semitic invectives against the arresting officers. Gibson subsequently entered alcohol rehab and maintains that he has been clean since his discharge. Gibson has publicly apologized repeatedly for this behavior, and his publicist stated that Gibson’s appearance at the conference yesterday was apparently something that he felt passionately about doing to further make amends.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly had Gibson detained briefly after the incident, but he was released and expelled from the country later the same day.

“This is the hand of Bush and the Israelis,” stated Ahmadinejad to Al Jazeera reporters. “We have elected to release Mr. Gibson and expose his connections with Mossad and the CIA for the world to see. Everyone will now see the lengths to which Israel is willing to go to suppress Islam.”

David Duke reportedly remained hospitalized in Tehran, and authorities there refused to disclose details in regards to his injuries.

A Louisiana Klan spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that a fatwa had been issued throughout the organization in regards to Gibson, and suggested that the actor/director would do well to remain in Australia.