Mel Gibson Rips Beating Heart from Apocalypto Critic


Northbridge, CA (O! Online) – Students and faculty at Cal State University at Northbridge were shocked earlier this week as an enraged Mel Gibson used a knife to rip out the still beating heart of a faculty member, and Mayan cultural expert, who had sought to criticize his most recent film “Apocalypto” for unfairly stereotyping ancient Mayans.

The Professor, Alicia Estrada, asked Gibson if he had actually read about Mayan culture before shooting his film. Gibson then produced a knife from the small of his back and shouted, “Lady, f**k Off! You want f**king cultural sensitivity? I’ll show you f**king cultural sensitivity! Make a f**king movie out of this!”

According to stunned onlookers, Gibson then pounced on Estrada and within seconds of a few deft strokes of his knife, produced her still beating heart as she collapsed before the crowd. Other Mayan experts in the audience stated that it was obvious that Gibson had indeed done his homework, at least on Mayan ritual sacrifice.

Estrada and her heart were subsequently rushed to a nearby trauma center where she underwent an emergency re-implantation procedure. University and hospital officials have stated that Estrada is currently in serious, but stable condition, and expected to make a complete recovery.

No charges have been filed in the incident as yet. California State police authorities are said to be investigating, but Cal State University campus police are currently declining to press charges. A spokesperson for the campus police stated that the incident pales in comparison to other incidents in the past that have arisen during everyday academic discourse and debate between faculty members.

Mel Gibson’s publicist, Alan Nierob refused to apologize for Gibson’s behavior, and denied that the movie “Apocalypto” was racist in any way. “I can understand the frustration from the Mayan hecklers who were present, but they represent a conquered people. To the victor goes the spoils of history.”