Michael Jackson's Critics Celebrate Death of Pop Icon

ARLINGTON(Texas) Ucs News: While millions of his loyal fans mourn the tragic loss of Pop Icon Michael Jackson some in Texas have found reason to celebrate. “We are not really big fans of his music, down here we enjoy country music. And it was hard to watch the girls go crazy for the little fruit cake ” says Texan Bruce Canyon.

According to Bruce, the career of Michael Jackson was a huge set back for what he calls “The Cultural music of the American west.” The popularity of Jackson’s music ruined the market for country music and left an entire generation of talented Nashville musicians impoverished and relegated to obscurity.

Bruce Canyon is not alone. There has been an out pouring of Jackson critics, some spontaneously coming together to celebrate his passing. In Nashville Tennessee a monument honoring Jackson passing has been set up. The monument is unique among Jackson remembrances as it has been constructed completely of his Albums, Tapes, Cds and videos.