Michael Vick to Star in Remake of Old Yeller

Hollywood. CA (O! Online) – Robert Eiger today announced that after a long series of negotiations Disney Studios has signed former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick to star in an upcoming remake of the Disney classic “Old Yeller”. It is anticipated that the project will resurrect flagging Disney video sales as well as bolster the career of the recently disgraced quarterback.

“Screenings have shown that we may possibly have a winner on our hands here,” stated Eiger. “The audience that we could count on for tears when old yeller dies has quadrupled. Disney Studios is also proud to do what we are able in order to salvage the reputation of a fine young man and athlete in Michael Vick.”

“Old Yeller” has been rated R for excessive violence, but Disney Studios assures families that no dogs were ultimately harmed throughout filming.