Microsoft announces plans to build operating system that doesn't suck

REDMOND, Wash. – Microsoft Corp. today announced the firm has already started development work on the replacement for its new Windows Vista operating system. According to Bill Gates, Microsoft will focus on the technical challenges of making software that doesn’t, in his words, “really suck.”

With the release of Windows Vista it has become clear that Microsoft needs to consider a new way forward. The firm has seen its market share decrease as other firms have succeeded launching software that does not suck. Bill Gates has learned from Apple computer’s OS X and the open source linux systems to focus on the little things that make computers fun to use. Little things like not being haunted by the “blue screen of death” or being asked to restart…again.

Gates explained, his firm has been running focus groups that have shown new insights into how people use computers. “We discovered that people are looking for programs that really work without crashing or being invaded by viruses.” The firm has also discovered the shade of blue used on the “blue screen of death” fills people with dread and generally makes them feel ill.

Microsoft has plans to release the new operating system code named “Windex” in the Fall of 2017.