Microsoft Denies Rumor of Vista Recall

Unconfirmed sources report that Microsoft is contemplating a recall of it’s newest version of the Windows OS Vista. The new OS which hit the market years late and is very resources intensive has met a lukewarm reception. Vista adoption is behind schedule and reports of trouble threaten to swap the product. Official Microsoft statements are calling the rumors irresponsible and possibly criminal.

Even as Redmond denies the possibility of a recall computer experts look at Microsoft’s recent moves and feel they are a portent of a big recall ahead.

“It’s all there.” Says Microsoft watcher Kent Beecher, of the Strategic Planning Group, a software marketing strategy company. “Microsoft seems to be planning a major move. Microsoft is allowing Oems to supply XP recovery disks with Vista systems in case customers want to ‘down grade’ their systems. They have extended the retail availability of Windows XP to January 2009 and international availability to June 2010. To me it’s very clear. I believe Microsoft is panning to recall Vista and issue another service pack for XP instead.”

If Microsoft does recall Vista it will be a bitter defeat for the monopoly operating system maker, which had said that the Vista launch would be the “most successful in Windows history.” This could also open the market wide open for fringe OS makers Apple and the open source Linux movement.