Microsoft to Challenge Apple iphone : "Xphone is in development"

(Redmond : Ucs News) Speaking to reporters today Bill Gates announced Microsoft will enter the hyper-compedative cell phone market with it’s own device based on the technology from it’s successful X-Box video game system. The Xphone is expected to roll out in 2011.

Experts agree that Microsoft will offer a formidable challenge to Apple and the iPhone. While the Software giant has technical hurdles to overcome early development prototypes are encouraging, except the 9 inch screen and external power supply may put off some potential customers.

Unlike the Microsoft Zune music player that followed the Apple ipod by almost 5 years the Xphone is slated for release in june of 2011 just 3 short years behind the Apple iphone’s June 29 2007 introduction.

Sources inside Microsoft suggest the firm is not concerned with the extended product lead times. “Like the Zune surpassed the 4 generation ipod, the Xphone is being designed to complete with the 3rd generation iphone Apple is likely to release in early 2012.” According to a unidentified Microsoft engineer.