Microsoft to Replace Dead Xbox 360s with Sony PS3s

Unconfirmed sources are reporting that Microsoft will announce a trade-in program were Xbox 360 users can turn in their defective units and receive a Sony PS3. The news of the trade-in program has sent shock waves through the gaming community and created a rift within the Xbox user community itself.

With an estimated failure rate of 50% or higher Microsoft may well be deciding to cut bait on the 360 and wait until the launch of the Xbox 720 to fully re-engineer the platform. In the mean time this program may be designed to stem the increase of costs associated with the faulty system.

“I believe the program could signal an admission that the problems plaguing the system may be too great for Microsoft engineers to fix.” Says 13 year old gaming expert Gilbert Hodges, of Normal Illinois. “I’ve had 3 instances of the red ring of death and I know how frustrated I got when I got one just before the end of Halo3. I can only imagine them having to deal with thousands upon thousands of dead units. What a bummer.”

The program has been greeted harshly by the hard core Xbox faithful with many thousands of gamers pleading with Microsoft to continue fixing the units as before. “I’m not taking a PS3! No way, no how!” says Xbox fan boy Keith Donaldson, an unemployed 34 year old speaking from his parents basement. “You can have my Xbox when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.” A sentiment hardly unique among Xbox users who consider the unit the best ‘shooter box ever made.’

Microsoft has denied that any such program exits or has even been discussed. They state that on going issues with the 360 are being addressed.