Microsoft Yahoo Service Pack 1 Leaked by Hackers

Redmond, WA (APE) – A spokesperson for Microsoft today announced that it’s servers had been hacked and it’s Yahoo Service Pack 1 had been prematurely released over the Internet. Yahoo Service Pack 1 was still undergoing preliminary beta testing and was not scheduled for release until after the takeover of the popular Internet search engine and commerce site was finalized.

The Microsoft spokesperson reluctantly admitted that the hack was made possible by the previously uncovered “speech recognition analog hole” that its engineers have been struggling with since the release of Windows Vista. “Unfortunately,” stated Microsoft technician Svenonine Borg, “all that an informed hacker had to do was to access our servers using either the built-in Microsoft speech recognition program or Dragon NaturallySpeaking and speak the password “do you yahoo”. This, in turn, allowed access to all of our preliminary work incorporating Yahoo into Internet Explorer.”

The service pack spread like wildfire over various Internet filesharing websites. Reviews from hackers and knowledgeable computer enthusiasts have been mixed thus far.

People who have installed the upgrade state that anyone who has a previously installed Yahoo toolbar are now redirected to MSN for all searches when they attempt to utilize it. Others have stated that their Google toolbar has been completely deactivated, and still will not work after reinstallation.

“I would remind everyone that this was a top secret Beta program nowhere near ready for release,” stated Borg. “While we encourage enthusiasm for our products, at this point users are installing this at their own risk. We anticipate the release of the fully tested Yahoo Service Pack 1 sometime this summer, after Yahoo has been fully assimilated.”