Microsoft Zune Crushes Apple Ipod as Teens 'Stick it to The Man'

Thousands of people have lined up at retailers across the nation to be some of the first to own the new MP3 player Zune, by Microsoft. The surge of interest in the Zune illustrates the backlash that Apple has generated by dominating the MP3 player market for the last few years. People are ready for a change, they are tired of the slick well designed and well supported Ipod.

“I love the Zuuuunnnee!” says an excited Brian Winchel, as he stands in line at a Best Buy in Norman Oklahoma, waiting to buy the player. “Steve Jobs sucks. I’m going to take a bite out of apple today by buying a Zune. I’m not giving my money to some Californian billionaire, no way.”

“The Zune might to be tapping into some anti-establishment vibe.” Says technology expert Leo Laporte of This Week in Tech. “I don’t see it really, but you never know the Zune might strike a chord and be a major success. Can Microsoft out cool Apple and steal the market? I wouldn’t count on it, but hell I said Apple switching to Intel chips would be a disaster.”

Early sales results show that the Zune is out selling the Ipod by a large margin and stores are depleting their initial allotments of the players in just hours. There have even been reports of rioting and stampeding as stores run out and angry customers vent their disappointment.

Bill Gates should be smiling today as Microsoft seems to have shed it’s ‘Evil Big Brother Corporate Monopolist’ image, My guess is that Gates will be laughing all the way to the bank.