Microsoft's Live Mesh Licensed to Borg for Complete Web Domination

Unconfirmed sources report that the Borg have licensed Microsoft’s new Live Mesh platform. The exclusive license will allow the Borg to make a power play for the control of the entire Internet. Microsoft shares have risen sharply with the news of the deal with the space faring collective.

“This is a win win situation for Microsoft and the Borg,” says web expert Rafe Needleman of “Live Mesh is a platform designed to leverage Microsoft’s control of the desktop into a dominant position on the Internet, which fits well with the needs of the Borg. Who, as we all know, have been interested in dominating the web for several years now.”

The deal will allow the Borg control the technology and push it out to web users and ‘assimilate’ them into the specialized Borg ecosystem. Live Mesh technology allows for quick and easy synchronization between many devices and platforms, a feature much valued by the Borg Collective.