Miss America Pageant Moves to Iraq as part of FOX News Broadcast Deal

Unconfirmed sources report that the Miss America Pageant is going to relocate to Baghdad Iraq next year as part of a new broadcast deal reached with the FOX News Network. The pageant had lost it’s long time broadcaster ABC, and decided that big changes were needed to breath new life into the financially struggling spectacle.

“This is exactly what the Miss America Pageant needs to revitalize it’s franchise.” Says media figure Moe Roche. “Let’s face it the Miss America Pageant is about as exciting as The New Yorker Magazine, so it’s no surprise to me that ABC drop it like a bad habit. I gotta say the move to FOX News and a Baghdad Iraq broadcast location is defiantly going to rekindle interest in the show. It’s going to the hottest show in Iraq, no doubt.”

This announcement lays to rest many rumors surrounding the fate of the pageant. Some weeks ago our sources reported to us that CMT, a country music channel, had agreed to run the broadcast, but that deal has apparently fallen through. There had been an inkling that the CMT Miss America Pageant marriage was in trouble when word leaked out that Horse back riding was going to be added as a pageant component. CNT declined to comment on the new deal between FOX and the pageant.

FOX News officials are excited to have the pageant and think it will be a valuable addition to it’s lively line up of entertainment programming.

“The decision to leave the pageant’s longtime home in Atlantic City was made after extremely careful deliberation and with the highest level of respect for the countless friends, volunteers, and fans of the pageant.” said Art McMaster, the chief executive of the organization representing America’s oldest beauty contest. “The FOX News offer to carry the pageant and relocate it to Baghdad was too great an opportunity to pass up. This move is going to put the Miss America Pageant on a new global stage and is also going to help spread American values in the region.”

McMaster dismissed assertions that holding the Pageant in a Muslim country could alienate a more conservative Iraqi audience. He did admit however that the move would entail a few changes in the traditional pageant program, but that the replacement of the swim suit contest for a burka competition would not greatly effect interest in the pageant.