Missing Candidate John McCain Found Safe

(HARRISVILLE, Ohio) Ucs News– A massive search for the missing 72 year old Arizona Senator in Harrison County ended Thursday with John McCain safe home with his family. More than three dozen firefighters, sheriff’s deputies, a K-9 unit and neighbors scoured the Harrisville area this morning looking for the Republican Presidential candidate.

Rick Davis, John McCain’s presidential campaign manager, notified authorities around 9 a.m. that he could not find the Arizona Senator. According to Davis the Straight Talk Express stopped in Harrisville for a breakfast diner campaign event. The Senator appeared at Sally’s Diner, but went missing when the McCain’s staff took a head count onboard the Straight Talk Express.

“This is a close neighborhood. [There are] lots of houses around. Everybody’s concerned and out looking for Senator McCain,” said eyewitness Jennifer Fleck. Search crews surrounded Sally’s Diner and canvassed the area while searching. “You always think the worst but you hope for the best,” said Fleck.

In the end, searchers said Senator McCain didn’t wander too far. They found him only a few steps away from Straight Talk Express in a backyard tool shed. McCain was sitting on an empty milk crate writing campaign slogans on the sheds dirt floor. The bare foot MCcain was guided by staffers back the Straight Talk Express bus.

Harrisville Officials said McCain is back home safe largely in part to man’s best friend. A K-9 unit from the Belmont County Sheriff’s department helped to bring the Arizona Senator home.

When asked if this staffers could keep track of the Senator, Rick Davis stated. “With the Democratic primaries finished we will have more people looking after John, maybe even some reporters will help out.”