Missing Fox News Reporter Griff Jenkins Killed During Daring Denver Rescue Operation

(Denver : Colorado) Ucs News– Fox Reporter Griff Jenkins sustained fatal injuries as he was being rescued by the Blackwater Zulu Company. A daring attempt to prevent Griff Jenkins from falling into the hands of the Liberal Democrates made headlines around the world as fellow Fox News Reporters volunteered to strap themselves to the stubby gun and rocket pods of two Apache attack helicopters and, in the face of withering small arms fire, tried to recover the injured war reporter Griff Jenkins.

His death took place during Operation Denver Freedom, a series of manoeuvres designed to maintain pressure on the democratic National Committee During it’s Denver convention. The two Apache attack helicopters made “combat landing” really controlled crashes on the roof of the 4 story Jolly Traveler Motor Lodge. The Blackwater security detail and embedded Fox news Fox News team hit the structure with guns blazing and cameras rolling.
Griff Jenkins was recovered but found to be lifeless as the team cleared the landing zone under fire.

The Fox News of Inquiry report into the incident, which was released yesterday, said it was almost certain that Griff Jenkins was killed by a shot from another member of the Fox News Team taking part in the botched rescue operation.
But it said there was “no suggestion of negligence” on the part of the gunner, whose actions the board attributed to a “momentary error of judgment.”