Mitt Romney Replaces Fred Thompson on Law and Order

(Hollywood) Unconfirmed sources report that fourth place Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has agreed to join the cast of Law & Order for the 2007-2008 season starting in the fall. Romney will play the role of a tough and gruff District Attorney named Buck Remington, who will often go by the nick name ‘Buckshot’.

Republican strategists are calling the move brilliant and figure this could put Romney over the top, or at least allow his campaign team to find his pulse. There is no better way to capture the Regan legacy and the heart of the Republican party then to make it the entertainment business.

“Romney is a handsome lightweight,” Says Republican strategist Randy Wright. “He needed to find a way to buff up his conservative credentials and this is perfect. . For his sake the fall season can’t start soon enough.”

Romney is pretty boy Republican centrist who needs to prove to his base that he can be tough. Playing tough on TV may be the only way for him to gain real credibility and reshape his flip floppy image. It looks like it is going to take more than looks and money to win in 2008.

Will it work for the struggling candidate? With Romney’s polling numbers in the basement and still sinking he has got to try something radical.

Stay tuned!