Modders Launch Attack On Microsoft Xbox Live Servers

Unconfirmed sources report that thousands of Halo troopers from Modded Xbox consoles have attacked servers hosting the Microsoft Xbox Live gaming network. Early reports indicate that the troopers may have established beach heads on several servers and may have actually captured at least one entire data center. The troopers seem intent on capturing all or part of the network in an attempt to win equal rights for modded console troopers on the formerly open network.

“We have made great progress in out war of liberation.” claims Modded Master Chief, leader of the attackers. “We caught every server we attacked by surprise and quickly overwhelmed the defenders. We have captured several data centers and will be moving from offensive operations to pacification operations very soon. We will free this network for all troopers modded and not.” The claims of Modded Master Chief could not be reliably confirmed at this time.

Microsoft denies that the modded troopers have made any progress after their initial attacks. “We have the situation completely under control.” says Fleet Admiral Lord Terrence Hood, who is a member of the UNSC Security Committee and the Chief of Naval Operations. “The invaders managed to infiltrate a few archive data servers, but have not been able to progress any further. Two strike forces of un-modded troopers lead by Master Chief and Wallace Jenkins have stopped the Modders’ advances and already turned the tide of battle.”

The attacks by the Modded troopers comes in response to Microsoft’s recent decision to expel all Modded consoles from their online gaming network. Microsoft estimates that nearly 1 million Modded consoles have been effected.