Mona-Vie Active Recalled By FTA

Washington D.C. (Ucs News) FTA officials took action today responding to claims that Mova-Vie Active does not cure disease. After an extensive investigation the FTA issued a recall notice for all Mova-Vie Active manufactured after January 2008.

According to the 600 page report, FTA investigators discovered the Juice made after January 2008 was “improperly charged” and “not bottled according to specifications”. Lead investigator, Benjamin Lyon, stated “After reviewing the Mona-Vie production facility we had many concerns.”

Lyon’s team discovered the pure energy power Crystals used to charge the juice during production we incorrectly installed on the intake of the main mixing unit. The reports states “The main charging non-pole crystal was installed backwards causing the crystals field to align 90 degrees from the direction of flow.” Lyon admitted he was “shocked to see such negligence.”

The FTA team also found major problems in the firms bottling operation. Lyon himself discovered the juice pouring nozzle did not have cyclonic unit installed. The cyclonic units are designed to spin the liquid counter clockwise overcoming the Coriolis force. According to Lyon this could lead to tragic results.

The FTA recommends that Mona-Vie should be retuned to the manufacturer for a complete refund.