Most Americans Agree With Juan Williams

A recent Gallup pole survey of 36,552 Americans indicates that 93% agree with Juan Williams and said they also feel nervous when they see Muslims walking through airports..

The poll was conducted at airports across America and included people of many different races, religions and nationalities. Even Muslims interviewed say they became a bit ‘on edge’ when they saw other Muslims walking through airports.

“It scares the living bejesus out of me when I see one of those Towel-headed guys walking through the airport!” said business consultant and frequent flier Anthony Stetson. “I always pray that they don’t get on my plane!”

Flight attendant Sheila Watkins also expressed fear of having to serve Muslims. “I’m always afraid that if I serve them the wrong drink they’ll declare jihad or whatever it is those people do!”

Muslim businessman Omar Shaik-el-Al stated, “like all people, there are good Muslims and bad Muslims. Often you can’t tell by looking!”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that careful screening procedures make flying safer now than ever before.

“Just smoke a dube and chill out people!” Ms Clinton requested.