Move Over Guitar Hero, Activision Scores Big With Violin Hero III

(California) In what could be the second biggest game release in history Violin Hero III has earned over $120 million during its first week in stores. Coming so quickly after Guitar Hero III it seemed impossible for a second music based game to take off, but it seems Activision has captured lightening in a bottle twice in two weeks.

The popularity of Violin Hero III has caught industry analysts by surprise as the sales of Violin Hero I and II quickly faded after strong sales early.

“We really had to fight for VH III.” Says developer Ken West. “After the first two releases it looked like a bad bet. But I have to say we fought and convinced the Activision team to give us another shot. I’m glad it has worked out so well.”

Violin Hero III has added a raft of new features, songs and playing modes that have generated massive waves of excitement. The co-operative play modes that allow for duets, trios and quartet play are turning out to be very poplar.

Activision has not confirmed it, but swirling rumors suggest that a whole suite of titles has been fasted tracked into development, perhaps an entire Symphonic Hero series that may include Hero titles based on the flute, french horn, clarinet and bassoon.