MSNBC Premiers New Show Featuring Matthews and Tucker

New York, NY (O! Online) – In an attempt to address flaccid ratings in its once popular shows Hardball and Tucker, MSNBC today announced that it would be pairing the two hosts Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson in a later evening show entitled The He-Man Woman Haters Club. The show will be a sendup of the classic Our Gang series of movies from the 1930s.

Carlson and Matthews will be let loose to spout their own peculiar misogynistic brand of humor upon their late-night viewing audience. MSNBC expects laughs galore as the two attempt to bully, intimidate, and harass popular female guests to appear on their show.

The show will be interspersed with more serious breaking news coverage of murders and kidnappings of attractive blonde white women as events unfold.

MSNBC is reportedly in talks with Cable TV’s Man Network to carry the show as well. There are rumors that the Fox network is considering a lawsuit alleging theft of intellectual property in an attempt to stop the new show.