Musharraf Announces Bin Laden Safe Haven in Pakistan: Bush Declares VT Day

Washington, DC
(Rotters) – The White House today released secret pictures commemorating the signing of a peace treaty and formal end to the war on terror. President Bush then declared today as VT Day, or Victory over Terrorism day. It was revealed that Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf had concluded secret three-way negotiations with Osama bin Laden and President Bush which guaranteed Bin Laden as well as forces loyal to Al Qaeda and the Taliban safe haven in the Northern Waziristan region of Pakistan. Pakistani forces had already begun a peaceful withdrawal from the region in anticipation of the signing of the groundbreaking peace treaty.

The specifics of the treaty appeared to be a tremendous victory for Bin Laden in that, as a signatory, he was required only “to be like a peaceful citizen”.

The Pakistani army had suffered a series of humiliating defeats at the hands of Al Qaeda and the Taliban after being pressured to invade the area by the Bush administration.

The White House insisted that this was a good deal for America and in no way should be considered, “handing terrorists, an enclave they sought to establish in an ungoverned area.”

As spontaneous celebrations erupted in New York’s Times Square, the Bush administration cautioned Americans that the world would continue to be a dangerous and insecure place, probably through the elections in November. President Bush, in a statement, pledged that Republicans would further carry the final skirmishes of the war on terrorism to the home front, and would not stop until the last vestiges of Islamo Fascist propagandists that had infiltrated America were eliminated from the Democratic Party.