MySpace Unveils New Social Networking Site MyStalker

Under increasing pressure to deal with the presence of sexual predators on Myspace, Newscorp has launched a new service called MyStalker. MyStalker is an online social networking service that allows any registered sex offenders to post profiles and communicate with other members or interested parties. Law enforcement and parents groups are calling the site ‘revolutionary’ and ‘a positive step’ toward solving the net predator problem.

The keystone of the new service is a system called Stalker Safe which will let MyStalker search state and federal databases to seek out and delete MyStalker profiles of people who are not registered sex offenders. This system will ensure that only real sex offenders will have profiles on the site.

“This is terrific.” Says a registered sex offender, who whished to remain anonymous. “I’ve been stalking MySpace for months, but have always been afraid of not really fitting in. On MyStalker, I don’t feel that way. I’m communicating with people who understand me and can really connect with my feelings. It’s real godsend to know that I’m not along out there.”

“I have to say this is gutsy move.” Says technology watcher Ben Goodside. “Newscorp has recognized that stalkers make up a sizeable percentage of users on MySpace and that are a group that has been undeserved. With the all the pressure to expel stalkers from MySpace, Newscop has wisely given them a place to go. It’s brilliant.”

This looks like a real win win for Newscorp, Parents and even law enforcement. With all the stalkers in one place it will be much easier for anybody who wants to find one. Expect the new service to startup in beta immediately.