Myst remains Neutral as Second Life Conflict Widens

(World of Myst : Uru) As fighting intensified in the world of Second Life a cryptic message was received from the D’ni. The message fragments stated the Worlds of Myst, Riven, Exile, Revelation and Uru would remain neutral and that their borders would be defended by GameTap.

A spokesman from GameTap confirmed the firm had been in contact with the D’ni but could not elaborate further. According to GameTap The D’ni prefer that Myst and their other relms be isolated from other systems. As the D’ni representative entity GameTap will “Aggressively maintain the integrity of the firewalls.”

Many citizens of Second Life have been critical of the D’ni and Myst for not joining the forces arrayed against the troopers of Halo 2. Others insist the D’ni are an extinct race but their technology could be used to defend Second Life.

The Citizens of Second World need all the help they can get. When the Halo troopers blasted into Second Life the online community was left without any meaningful defenses.