Mythbuster Adam Savage quits to join cast of Smash Lab

(Ucs Television News) The Discovery Channel announced today That Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage has resigned from the popular and long running program. According to Discovery, Savage has accepted a 5 year contract to write and star in the upstart production Smash Lab.

Mythbusters staff were not surprised by the resignation of Savage. It has been coming for a while, Adam has long been in Jamie Hynemans shadow. Adam’s failure in all of the Mythbusters challenges and Jamie’s refusal to let Adam pilot any remote control vehicles enraged the co-host.

Trying to capitalize on the success of the popular Mythbusters the Discovery channel has launched Smash lab. While Smash lab aims to offer Mythbusters fans a fresh faced cast with even larger staged explosions, the quality of the science has been disappointing. The hope is that Savage can revive the programs fortunes.

Adam Savage could not be reached for comment, According to his agent he is undergoing a hair transplant to reattach his eyebrows. Eyebrows that were burned off in a recent vacuum motor explosion while filming the final episode of season 7.