MythBusters Accidentally Annihilate Southern Ohio!

Unconfirmed sources report that most of southern Ohio is now a smoking crater. The explosion was apparently set off during the tapeing of the popular cable television program MythBusters. The co-hosts of the program Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman mysteriously managed to survive the event and are now in ‘protective’ custody.

Details of the event are still sketchy, but apparently the two men and their staff were attempting to prove an urban myth about invisibility. The test they devised was based on the equipment used during the Navy’s famous “Philadelphia Experiment.”(Which was later turned into a documentary film of the same name) During the experiment, which was conduced just outside the charming mid-western town of Chillicothe Ohio, a powerful magnetic field was generated in an attempt to render a small building invisible. Needless to say something when terribly wrong.

“The destruction is absolutely complete.” Explained Michael Throne
Managing Editor of Chillicothe Gazette, who was traveling at the time and escaped the destruction “I can’t believe it. Southern Ohio is gone. The only thing left is a crater some 200 miles across. It’s like someone came by with a giant ice cream scooper. Everything is gone