Mythbusters Build Hyper-sonic Zune Launching Cannon:

Unconfirmed sources report Mythbusters co-hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage have assembled a Zune firing air cannon with a muzzle velocity of over 800 MPH. According to Hyneman “We selected the Mircrsoft Zune as a projectile because it’s what our viewers really wanted to see.”

The Zune cannon will appear in an upcoming episode set to air in December. The complete how-to instructions will also be featured in the next issue of MAKE magazine with an in-depth interview of Jamie and Adam. The interview covers a wide range of topics and includes the top 10 reasons why the Mythbusters think the Zune Cannon makes a perfect gift.

The Zune Hyper Sonic cannon was based on the Mythbusters already popular air powered chicken gun. The new Zune cannon has a larger more robust air cylinder and the release is now a servo cotrolled value with an electronically controlled trigger. The Microsoft Zune Digital music player is loaded into a heavy guage box sectioned steel tube before firing. Speaking of the Zune Cannon Adam Savage is understandably proud.

“Our new Zune Cannon is a triumph of Mythbusters technology. I was literally blow away by it’s power…and the cool sound the Zune makes when it slams through brick walls. ” The Mythbusters test fired the Zune cannon in the M5 work shop but quickly moved the experiment to the abandoned Alameda naval air station for safety reasons.

“We were shocked by the power if the Zune cannon” says Jamie Hyneman. After blasting 3 huge holes in the cinderblock wall of shop the pair called their insurance carrier and relocated the experiment. Reportedly Adam wanted to blast the Zune through car to see if the gas tank might explode but Hyneman’s suggestion of a shot for maximum distance prevailed.

With the Zune Cannon elevated to 45 degrees and the air cylinder charged to 225 PSi the cannon blasted the Mythbusters remaining Zune digital music player over 6 kilometers. The Zune exploded from the barrel at speed of 845 MPH. The firing created a sonic boom as the Zune rocketed skyward.

When asked what’s next for the Zune Cannon Adam Savage acknowledged “Mythbusters fans have been demanding to see what happens when a Zune traveling at hyper sonic speed smashes into a Sony Playstation 3.” We can’t wait to see it.