Mythbusters fans demand Smash Lab be smashed

(Ucs Television) trying to capitalize on the success of the popular Mythbusters the discovery channel has launched Smash lab. Smash lab aims to offer Mythbusters fans a fresh faced new cast with even larger staged explosions. But the fans have spoken- “smash lab is lame” and “smash lab should be smashed into oblivion.”

The car arrester bed episode:
What is the deal with these people? Have they ever driven on a major mountain highway? Any real research would have shown that gravel arrester beds have been used for decades to stop runaway trucks.

Okay so they find out the aerated concrete doesn’t work on cars….so lets use a bus.
in the end it sort of works. Remind me to drive a bus.

Carbon Fiber Mobile Home:
Okay, let’s make the airplane out of black box material. Really now. Why not take a 10k work of carbon and resin and slop it on a derelict trailer. Sure you could but why would you? Then they botched tie downs. These people are lame.

Train Air-Bag rig:
Triple extra lame. Dropping a car onto a moon-bouncer? What did this prove again? The test rigs pushed over an easy chair and a refrigerator- concept proved! Yikes. The pivot rig in the end was a hack job. The air bladders didn’t work, the car flipped. Passengers dead meat.

Is this “science” for the Wrestle Mania crowd?

Lastly, Kari Byron, she’s a sexy geek that rocks out. Deanne Bell is just a geek