Nano Nose Bra Makes For Bodacious TATA's

New Delhi, India (Rotters) – Indian automotive manufacturer TATA Motors yesterday unveiled its pledged $2500 car called the Nano at an automotive show in New Delhi. TATA insists that despite its looks and size they are predicting worldwide sales in the future that will tax their 500,000 car per year production capabilities. Basking in initially positive and exciting reviews, the manufacturer insisted that it had well researched strategies in place to make the car more attractive in foreign markets such as America.

One such strategy was unveiled at the auto show, as TATA showed off its sexy, revealing nose bra for the new Nano. A TATA spokesperson stated that the optional accessory was designed in secrecy and in conjunction with the popular American lingerie manufacturer, Victoria’s Secret.

“We will admit that the Nano is very flat and unattractive in the front,” stated the TATA spokesperson. “What our designers and Victoria’s Secret have come up with is nothing short of revolutionary. The bra lifts and separates the front end from the rear, allowing the headlights to peek out over the top of the cups in a very sexy manner. We will initially be offering black, and we soon hope to be the only company offering red with other colors soon to follow. Our research shows positive responses from both men and women in America.”

Depending upon the success of their Nano nose bra line, TATA says that it is considering production of a new line of accessories for its popular Indigo XL luxury sedan. Preliminary talks are reportedly under way with the American restaurant chain Hooters to design a special “Bodacious TATA” edition of the Indigo XL.