Nasa Budget Cuts : Fake Mars Landing Mission Canceled

Washington D.C. (Ucs News) Facing a massive budget shortfall Nasa Chief administrator Gen. Charles Bolden has announced the cancelation of the fake Mars landing mission and the fake return to the moon missions. The program cuts expected to result in the loss of more than 3000 jobs in Florida and Texas.

The second man to fake standing on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, took some time away from celebrating the 40th anniversary of the fake Apollo 11 mission to explain his ambitions for space exploration. “It is time to move on back into fake exploration. And I think now, with the new administration we are wisely re-evaluating the path, not faking a return to the moon and mars missions is a mistake,” Aldrin told reporters.

The cancellation of the Fake Moon and mars landing will not only cost jobs but may also cost America it’s pride. said Bolden. While the US gives up on fake space missions China, Japan and India have each announced plans for fake moon landings. The Japanese space agency has promised to fake it’s landings in HD with Blue-ray DVDs to follow soon after.

Bolden also said that NASA considered draining the tank used to fake space walks at the International Space Station. “We are just happy to have International support for the ISS simulation Tank. Decommissioning the tank and replacing the space walks with CGI animation technology just isn’t cost effective with just 8 more missions to fake” said the chief administrator.