KIGALI, RWANDA — Well advanced in space science, Rwanda has been hired by NASA to retrieve and tow the disabled space station back to Cape Canaveral for repairs. A recently-installed solar panel caused an electrical surge which disabled the station’s computers, and programmers in Russia and the USA have been unable to resolve the problem.

Rwanda, famous for scientific innovations, has the world’s only space rescue tow vehicle (SRTV).

Hansi Youla, head of the Rwanda Space Rescue Facility(RSRF), said that his engineers and scientists are working around the clock readying the ‘MANGO 1’ for it’s launch tomorrow, “but,” said Youla, “we have to wait for the one hundred and eighty million dollars we’re charging for the mission to reach here so we can buy oxy-nuclear fuel from Iran. “

Barefoot Rwandans, riding their donkeys down the muddy mountain roads proudly greeted the news that their once backward, third-world African nation has moved to the forefront in advanced space technology.

For the complex mission, the MANGO 1 astronauts will attach a tow chain to the space station and shuttle, and carefully tow them in tandem back to earth.

George Dunn, a NASA spokesman said, ” Only the Rwandans have the advanced capability to undertake a complex mission such as this. We hope to influence some of their top scientists to come over here and work for us, so we can catch up to their expertese.”