NASA Mistakenly Beams Dead Heads for Obama Concert into Deep Space

Pasadena, CA (UPSI) – An embarrassed NASA JPL spokesperson early this morning admitted that they had apparently been hacked last night. Their planned transmission of the Beatles famous “Across the Universe” into deep space was preempted by a live feed from San Francisco of the Grateful Dead’s resurrection concert in support of Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. The concert in its entirety left the outer fringes of the solar system within hours of it’s transmission late last night.

“We strongly suspect that this may have been an inside job,” stated NASA head of security Dewey Tazem. “When you have thousands of disgruntled scientists upset over seven years of political suppression, things are bound to happen. No one is talking right now, but we will get to the bottom of it. We are in communication with the White House, and we have been authorized to use “extreme interrogation techniques” if needed.”

“I was disappointed when I couldn’t get tickets,” waxed Ima Trippen, a longtime Grateful Dead fan and Obama supporter from Seattle, “but I found out that this was going to happen over the Internet and tuned in. The sound quality was incredible! So much better than a lot of the bootleg stuff that I used to listen to in my day. It was like you were really there, and you could feel the electricity. It’s like the kids nowadays say, Obama so rules!”

A NASA spokesperson who wished to remain anonymous admitted that there was probably very little damage done by the prank in the eyes of whatever beings may exist in deep space.”Where’s the harm in the fact that “Truckin” has taken the place of “Across the Universe” in a long strange trip.”