Nation Supports off shore Drilling : California and Florida backing Yucca mountain project and Mo…

(Office of the Governor) Ucs News- In response to the nations desire to promote drilling in coastal areas of Florida and California, the Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charlie Crist have released their plan to help promote energy independence. While their states have been asked to risk the environmental damage of off shore drilling the pair has outlined steps other states should be taking as well.

Nevada: Yucca mountain: secure long term storage of atomic waste id critical to the safety of Nuclear energy.

West Virginia: Sorry guys mountain top removal is the way to go. Start blasting.

Pennsylvania: You have a toxic waste site already 3-mile island is a perfect place to start reprocessing

New Mexico: Fine you can air condition the desert – please donate 50 square miles to solar so we can power it.

Montana-North Dakota- Texas : The cows won’t mind put up some wind mills.

New York and Mass: It’s time for offshore wind-farms and tide generation. Windmills will not be washing up on your beaches.

Alaska: Eco-tourism is your future embrace it, try not to kill the polar bears and don’t reelect Ted Stevens he’s a crook.

Iowa: Forget energy production. Your job is to feed people NOT fuel cars.

Michigan: Full stop on the SUV’s – Make some smart cars. NOW

Hawaii: Time to start drilling geo-thermal is your future. Just ask Iceland.

Everyone: Drive 60 MPH