National Guard too Busy to Help Hurricane Victims in New Orleans

Unconfirmed sources report that National Guard commanders from across the nation have denied assistance to Louisiana hurricane victims. In the wake of hurricane Katrina a call for help was issued nation wide, but as of today the call is going unanswered. When asked why the National Guard would not help with hurricane rescue efforts one National Guard commander said plainly. “We are too busy getting ready to kill people in Iraq to help just now. Call me in five years.”

“I really feel bad about this whole thing.” says General Ben Hutchins of the Mississippi National Guard. “I would really like to help those poor people in the south of our state and those in Louisiana, but that is outside of our mission right now. We are getting ready to deploy to Iraq to safeguard America, we can’t waste time mopping up a little water and getting cats down from trees. We’ve got more important things to do.”

The White House has refused to step in and re-task the National Guard to it’s original mission. “Hey, we are at war here people