National Poll Finds 28% of Americans are F#%king Idiots.

Yes folks it true a shocking number of Americans actually approve of the job President George Bush is doing. I know, I know, I can hardly believe it myself, but I’ve been thinking about this a little bit and I’ve decided that instead of being craven lunatics, they are in fact well meaning, if not oblivious, hard-core America lovers. They are not bad people; they just can’t separate love of country from a lousy President.

Americans, you(we) deserve better than George Bush. We deserve a thoughtful person whose actions display a genuine concern for the health, security, and prosperity of regular people. For the last eight years we’ve witnessed a Presidency that has operated for it’s own purposes and the personal agendas of its members unfettered by the needs of the people.

Think back to 2001, to the days just before 911… Remember?

The country was sliding into a mild recession and the Bush administration was suffering because they had no real interest in governance for common people. They fixed up some legislation for friends and cut some taxes and then they were stuck. With no real vision for the country beyond the collective aspirations of his wealthy supporters the President himself was empty of any vision.

911, of course, was a godsend for Bush. It gave him and his administration a reason to exist and rallied the country to support it. It provided ‘something to do’ and an excuse for Dick Cheney and company to reshape the power of the Presidency. But to what end?

Did they strengthen the country to aid its populace? Or was it a personal project to redress grievances of the past unrelated to actually improving governance for the benefit of the people?

Now ask yourself, after 8 years of a vision less, self-serving, government aren’t you ready for something different? Aren’t you ready for some change?

You 28%, don’t you think you deserve better that this? Doesn’t America deserve better than this?

If you truly love America, which I believe you do, then why do you still approve of the job George Bush is doing? Is it “The President” as in ‘any President’ that you approve of? Is it a kind of ‘My president wrong or right?’ kind of thing?

If it is, I feel OK about it. If not…You 28%, are a bunch of F&*king Idiots.