Washington May 14, 2007.
By Karl Brewer Staff Writer> The Entire White House communications system went dead from overload, as millions emailed the president at the urging of a website, ‘Unconfirmed Sources’. Many of the website’s viewers had expressed frustration that they were a single lonely ‘ voice in the wilderness’ and no one was listening.

Unconfirmed Sources, which gave the White House email address, urged, ‘Many drops make a flood. Let’s let it loose’

Ken Fox, White House communications chief was overwhelmed. ” We got hit with millions of emails! Four million three thousand and six voiced disagreement and worse; hate. Some were even profane…. but three were laudatory and nice.”

“The president has taken it very hard.” continued Fox. “He is upstairs weeping in the Lincoln bedroom….it has been a terrible shock to him. Karl Rove has always told the president that everyone loves him. Rove pointed out to the president, that when he makes a speech, everyone attending applauds and cheers. Up to now, we have shielded him from any criticism which confidentially between you and I, has been overwhelming…..Sorry, gotta go and download more emails. They’re still coming in.”