New Bush aide tells staff to expect more changes : Officials told to go now if they plan to leave

WASHINGTON (UCS News) — Kicking off his first full week as the White House chief of staff, Josh Bolten immediately told senior aides Monday to be prepared for more personnel changes in coming days to “refresh and re-energize” the Bush administration. Staffers were in fact told to refresh their resumes and start making “transitional” plans for the future. Bolten then shocked staffers when he announced the first recommendation of his master plan to “re-energize” the office of the President. “I have asked Mr. Bush to resign from the office of the President.”

At a morning meeting with senior White House staff, Bolten told colleagues “The President took it pretty well considering the state of his polling numbers.” White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters later. “The President is reviewing his options and is committed to plan created by Josh Bolten.” Others inside the Bush Administration quietly agree it’s time that someone else carry forward the Presidents agenda. Speaking off the record Senior staff member Karl Rove explained “Mr. Bush is so unpopular his policy many have a better chance succeeding without him working on it.”

Bolten also urged other White House staffers who are thinking of leaving soon to inform him immediately so he could have their desks cleaned out over the weekend. Bolten would prefer to make changes at one time and wants a team that will stick it out to help the new President accomplish Mr. Bushs unpopular second-term goals, according to McClellan.

The Presidents mother, Former First Lady Barbara Bush agreed with Boltens recommendations. “I do think it’s time for George to step aside, he has made an incredible mess of things at home and abroad. ” George Bush senior nodded in agreement but would not elaborate on the subject of his sons possible resignation.

Laura Bush is said to be “Standing beside her husbands decisions either way,” But those close to the First Lady say “She is very concerned about the dry brush pilled up near the Crawford Ranch house and thinks the President could better serve the nation by taking time to remove it.”