New Buyer Emerges For Ports Control In Wake Of Dubai Pullout

March 10, 2006

The Bush Administration decision to allow United Arab Emirates owned Dubai Ports World to manage port security and the resulting xenophobic uproar by Democrats and Republicans in Congress alike has ended in the Arab owned company pulling out of the deal. While the removal of Dubai Ports World from the equation is undoubtedly a help to United States President George W. Bush, who found himself in the midst of a political firestorm over the deal, it left open the question of who would take DPW’s place as the operator of the six American ports in question. Fortunately, an American company has stepped up to offer the President their help.

A few years ago, while working as handy man construction contractor, I formed what is called a DBA (Doing Business As) small business. My lawyer, William Wiggins of the prestigious firm Wiggins, Wiggins, Higgins and Wiggins, has informed me that this should be sufficient to allow me to act as a legitimate bidder in order to offer my services to President Bush as manager of the ports in question. I have put together a rather impressive group of backers in the form of several of my neighbors and we now have no less than $357.68 American to use as an opening bid. Hopes are that we can put together another $75.00 or so when my next door neighbor gets back from vacation